Safe Money Drawer

Safe Money Drawer
TechRest SAFE Retail

Your cash is always safe. Coin and banknote authenticity check. Necessary in stores that operate 24 hours and health interest.

SafeMoney Compact takes up very little space. It is very compact and fits any type of store. It allows all employees to quickly and easily execute cash transactions with customers. Simultaneous counting and detection of counterfeit banknotes and coins, certified by the ECB. SafeMoney enhances the image of a business in which cash and food are traded in the same place. The level of hygiene is improved, avoiding the contact of money by the operator. SafeMoney easily integrates into any front-end application. High operating speed thanks to the massive acceptance of coins, easy and secure connection. Available XPOS interface. Ideal for improving hygiene, in the place where cash is managed with food.

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  • Coin capacity: 1500 coins
  • Banknotes for change: 70 of all banknotes
  • Banknotes for safekeeping: 500 mixed
  • Possibility for change in all coins and all banknotes
  • Large capacity and coin management with the “Smart Coin System”
  • Dimensions: 537.5 x 462 x 348 mm
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