Retail Application
TechRest Retail

TechRest Retail covers all types of retail and wholesale stores.

  • Multiple Users – Cashiers
  • Single form for managing retail and wholesale sales using a touch screen and Barcode
  • Unlimited item codes
  • Retail receipts and invoices in thermal printer and desktop printer
  • Easy to find items with keyboard, code, barcode
  • Search for products by category, team
  • Cancellation of product during sale
  • Cancellation of the entire transaction
  • Appearance of the partial sum at the time of sale
  • Automatic calculation in customer’s change
  • Payment methods (Cash/Card)
  • Fund registration
  • Automatic discounts in item or receipt
  • Service ques
  • Simultaneous customer service during the sale
  • Distinctive appearance of functions with colors and images for ease of use
  • Selling high-speed products with or without a barcode scanner, with a touch screen. (Basic items)
  • Update availability of Goods
  • Detailed or summarized report of points of sales.
  • Detailed income presentation
  • Product sales statistics
  • Product sales traffic statistics
  • Unlimited data volume

Through the retail screen, we can choose to issue a receipt or an invoice at the touch of a button without changing the screen.

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